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At Hirschbach we are using the latest technology to enhance every aspect of our operation. Our trucks and trailers utilize the most advanced engines, tires, equipment, and aerodynamics available today. From ultra fuel efficient trucks and refrigeration units that minimize our carbon footprint to sophisticated tracking, mapping, planning, and communications software and equipment, Hirschbach is a leader in the use of transportation technology.

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Hirschbach is committed to continuously improving its carbon footprint and improving fuel economy. Hirschbach has been a Smartway certified carrier since 2008. As part of Hirschbach's strategic plan, it believes in continuously investing in initiatives to upgrade fleet equipment specifications and improve fleet management & maintenance strategies. Freight transportation is one of the fastest growing impacts on the environment and as consumer demand increases, we are committed to respond with the most efficient and cleaner transportation practices. 



Joe Lewis Hirschbach driver since 1993

“What do I like about driving for Hirschbach? I can pretty much go where I want when I want, I get my home time when I want it and I make a pretty good dollar. If you’ve got a problem, they’re always willing to work with you to get it worked out. I’ve been driving with them for over 13 years and there ain’t nobody in the whole outfit you can’t talk to. They’re always happy to work with their drivers to make things better.”

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